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A thank you letter or letter of thanks is a letter that is used when one party wishes to express appreciation to another party.

  • A thank you letter is intended to acknowledge the time someone has given you in your job search or information gathering.
  • It reminds people of who you are, what your skills are and tells them that you appreciate how they have helped you .
  • Thank you's should be written after any contact you have with a potential employer, information interview or network contact , whether by phone, email or in-person.
  • They demonstrate that you have good social skills and can be counted on for following up.
  • Because many people do not take the time to write a thank you, it will set you apart from your competitors.

ALWAYS write a thank you letter to the person with whom you communicated or provided you assistance during your job search whether it was an informational interview, a networking meeting, or an actual job interview.

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