Jobs in Malta - Situations Vacant

  • Make job-hunting on the Internet an integral part of your job-search strategy. Apply yourself through the company website etc. That way you know that you have been submitted, and its only you with your own self inerests at play.

  • Buy local newspapers to find local job news, career information, job listings, career fairs, training and education. Don't only look at job fields, also focus on the employment classified ads as well.

  • Telephone Yellow Pages help you to identify businesses which employ people in the job or occupation you are investigating. This is an awesome search. In fact, the only way to submit your application to the right person. You can either telephone or email.

  • Public Employment Services (PES) are important bridges between job seekers and employment opportunities.

  • Looking for Jobs in IT? Here you can search through all of Online gaming operators in Malta that have been licensed under the Remote Gaming Regulations with The Lotteries and Gaming Authority. All up to date & valid.

  • SmartCity welcomes talented and enthusiastic professionals. To apply, simply complete the job application form and they will get in touch with you. (Click on the Careers button at the bottom of the page).

  • Agency Employment agencies are another excellent job search resource. So as long as your expectations match your experience, just keep calling round agencies until you find one that takes the time to speak to you, and gets you in to see them ASAP. (More Agencies Coming Soon)